The title is Romanian and means "fast steps are heard while touching in the dark".

The piece is based on a short tale La țiganci (With the gypsy girls) by Romanian author Mircea Eliade (1907-1986).
It is a surreal story where ambiguity is the dominant element and the border between reality and dream is intentionally made unclear.
The character is a middle aged piano professor who, while telling the story of his life, wants to articulate for everyone who gets in contact with him, and to himself as well, that he has the soul of an artist. He goes through e series of events that can be seen as a rite of initiation. At the end of the story, readers (but not the main character) understand that he passed away.

The piece focuses on the passage of the story where the protagonist sits down at the piano and improvises. Suddenly he realizes it is dark around him and the room has disappeared.
In the dark, trying to find the exit of something that is not the same room as before, he touches objects that weren't there before and which shape he does not want to guess.

The animation was made with the vvvv - at InterArtsCenter (Malmö - SE)