Electronics, video projection and dance performance

Music and video: Fabio Monni
Dance and choreography: Elin Rippe

In Romanian "Biletul, vă rog" means "Ticket, please". It is based on a short tale La țiganci (With the gypsy girls) by Romanian author Mircea Eliade (1907-1986).
It is a surreal story where ambiguity is the dominant element and the border between reality and dream is intentionally made unclear.
The character is a middle aged piano professor who, while telling the story of his life, wants to articulate for everyone who gets in contact with him, and to himself as well, that he has the soul of an artist. He goes through e series of events that can be seen as a rite of initiation. At the end of the story, readers (but not the main character) understand that he passed away.
The musical part is divided in two sections, both exploring the perception of the space surrounding the audience. The sounds I used are related with the several trips the main character has on a bus.
I was then attracted by the idea of adding two new layers (dance and video) on a preexistent piece and study the dialogue among them.

The performance takes place in a totally dark venue.
The video was recorded in the Black Room at InterArtsCenter - Malmö - iac.lu.se.
The video projection is made with real-time video program vvvv - vvvv.org